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Dec 2,2014

Bahamas - Oily Water Separator and 15 ppm oil content meter

Convention : MARPOL Annex I Oil Pollution

Flag :Bahamas

Ship type :ALL TYPES

The Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) has issued the following attached Technical Alert which concerns Oily Water Separator and 15 ppm oil content meter.


This Technical Alert aims to increase ship owners’ and operators’ awareness of common PSC inspection findings relating to MARPOL Annex I.

The BMA recommends that the following steps be considered by the company to enhance engine room crew members’ awareness of OWS and 15 ppm oil content monitor operations and the Oil Record Book (ORB) procedures:

  1. Produce a set of clear instructions for chief engineers and other engineering officers with regards to correct and consistent entries in ORB;
  2. Produce a ship-specific set of instructions addressing correct OWS operation and include same within the on board training program for all engine room crew;
  3. Include bilge holding tank internal inspection and cleaning, where necessary, in the ship’s planned maintenance system;
  4. Include OWS and 15ppm oil content monitor operational tests in the ship’s planned maintenance system. Should such tests be unsuccessful, the BMA and ships Classification Society should be informed immediately so that suitable short term arrangements can be put in place, in order to mitigate potential PSC sanctions;

Companies and masters are reminded that, as per the requirements of Regulation 6.4.3 of MARPOL Annex I, should any defect be discovered which substantially affects the efficiency or completeness of the ship’s equipment covered by MARPOL Annex I, the master or owner shall report the nature of the defect to :
  1. The BMA;
  2. The ship’s Classification Society;
  3. The appropriate authorities of the port state of any port the ship may be calling.

See also paragraph 4.2 of BMA Information Bulletin No.85.